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The Author's Guide to Going Indie

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A helpful guide for anyone considering self-publishing or interested in a behind the scenes look at the world of indie authors. Written by award-winning author E.J. Yerzak and featuring exclusive interviews with award-winning and award-nominated independent authors and other wonderfully talented writers who share their insights with us.

This book peels back the curtain to reveal what it's really like as an indie author, covering tales from the trenches on cover design, whether to use pay-per-click ads, and other marketing decisions to planning your book launch, networking with other authors, and connecting with your readers. This isn't simply a book on how to market an independently published book. It's an inside look at the real, raw, sometimes painful reality that indie authors have to navigate, and a roadmap to surviving the journey in one piece - all told from the various perspectives of indie authors who have gone through it.

Going Indie released in November 2022 and debuted in the top 10 releases in its category, demonstrating its value as a helpful resource for authors looking to get published.





"Yerzak's writing is smooth, clean, and sucks the reader in with amazing imagery and dialogue from the start."

- Author Andrea Couture

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